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I am a geneticist in Amy Vandergast's lab with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center in San Diego. I am generally interested in conservation, specifically in utilizing genetic techniques to facilitate the preservation of species diversity. In the past, this interest has led to my involvement in work with a range of organisms, from endangered songbirds to fisheries species. I aspire to continue broadening my exposure to new systems and problems in the future, with the overarching goal of reducing our human footprint on the planet. Some brief descriptions of the projects I'm working on at the moment are below.

Monday, March 26, 2012

California Gnatcatcher

The California Gnatcher is protected by the federal government as a threatened species.  Habitat loss from fire, urbanization, and agriculture has severely reduced populations throughout the bird's range in southern California.  We are studying genetic diversity and population differentiation in the songbird to facility future management efforts.

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  1. Kelly,

    I an some other individuals have been trying to get USFW to protect 400 acres in Newport Beach from development, and the main ESA species there is the gnatcatcher. The area has rare grasslands and is full of coastal scrub, even with the constant destruction effort by the land owner, to limit species. SO....I would like to know how your research goes, and if there is anything key that it has revealed - since we are meeting next week with FWS to argue for a whole, diverse ecosystem, as a nature preserve, rather tan condos. My name is Kevin / kevin@webconcentral.com if you have any info we can use. Thanks.